End of Holiday

The cross shore came in so as it was my last sailing opportunity just had to get out and windsurf. Put on a bigger sail at 5.8 metre, which was actually not quite enough as the wind never came in that strong. Enough to get planing a few times but mostly just on the edge. … Continue reading End of Holiday


Agia fili

Saturday and Stella and I get up early and set out to walk to Agia Fili. There is a very picturesque beach in a sea locked cove. Access is by a very steep stairway cut into the rock from the headland or by boat. The walk up from Vassiliki used to be not much more … Continue reading Agia fili

Olive Groves

Coming out of the Hotel Grand Nefeli and turning right takes you onto the main road running straight up into Vassiliki, It’s around 8 am and there is little traffic. I pass a few pedestrians and cyclists, a motor scooter, the odd car. Dusty road, early morning. A small river runs down from the mountains … Continue reading Olive Groves

Richmond Park

So following the successful Tri on Sunday I planned to visit the Thames Ditton Stragglers group on Tuesday night. The TD group is a very successful offshoot from the main club, usually attracting about 30 runners for a mixed programme. One week is hills, the next a timed mile, then interval training, and once a … Continue reading Richmond Park

GBR Day 1

Saturday 21st dawned bright which was nice for the wedding in Windsor. Harry and Meghan were getting hitched and this was causing something of a stir amongst the UK populace.  The other main event in running circles taking place that weekend was the Green Belt Relay, often foreshortened to "the GBR". The two events coincided … Continue reading GBR Day 1